Following a virtual meeting of EU Ministers of Culture held on 19 May 2020, Commissioner Gabriel proposed an online conference with the cultural sector, where the main EU policy-makers would meet the CCS stakeholders to reflect on what has been done till now in response to the crisis and to plan together for a new future.




The coronavirus pandemic plunged the EU Creative and cultural sectors into an unprecedented crisis. It is hard to predict the future but it is our responsibility to actively work for hand in hand together and find new ways of combating the consequences. We are building a joint platform of reflection and dialogue along with policies that will help, empower and bring the cultural and creative sectors to the forefront. 



These last months creative and cultural initiatives have been emerging, reacting in a state of urgency not only to support the sector and people but to inspire and give hope. In parallel, the European Commission and the European Parliament have been working to form new policies and release funds towards the affected communities. The new multiannual financial framework and a recovery plan will include a special focus on culture and creativity. 



Facing the near-future challenges the creative and cultural ecosystem has to be heard and supported. There is no better way of planning than planning together. There is no better moment than now to co-design and co-provide. We – all together – must create a safe environment, which reflects a healthy society and retains creativity at all times. Our next strategies will enable the extension of capacity and new ideas production forming a roadmap for recovery. 


More details about the agenda, speakers and how to join the streaming will be shortly available on the Creative FLIP page​.