REGIONS 4FOOD project focuses on maximising the innovative potential of all actors of the agri-food value chain, through improving regional policy instruments to promote digitisation and better face new challenges in relation to ICTs. 

The aim of REGIONS 4FOOD project is to better exploit ICTs potential and deliver innovation to agri-food industry and hence, smart progress and growth.

To achieve this result, relevant regional policy organisations from seven EU countries have worked together to exchange their experiences and share practices on the above-mentioned policy issue.

During the last 3 years, project partners have always worked in close cooperation, despite the difficulties posed by the Covid-19 pandemic starting from 2020, which prevented them from meeting in person.

Anyway, the learning process throughout the project lifetime has successfully concluded with the preparation of seven Regional Action Plans to improve these Policy Instruments. The Action Plans are the main project output and they are now being released: they will be soon made available on a dedicated folder from the Library.