On 22nd October, 2021, an online business meeting on the Cyprus market took place. The meeting was organised by the Division for Economic Promotion of the Region in the Department of Investment and Development in the Office of the marshal of the Świętorkzyskie Voivodeship with cooperation of the Head of Foreign Trade Office in Athens, Mrs Marta Szajbel-Nikolaou.

One of RESINDUSTRY stakeholders, a company called EkoEnergia has recently signed a significant agreement with a major energy and electricity provider in Poland. Now, they want to invest even more in the so called “green” and zero-emission economy. That is why, they are interested in expanding and going abroad with their solutions in the photovoltaic business. The company is very active as a member of the RESINDSUTRY stakeholders’ group. Owing to the RESINDUSTRY project actions, provisions, best practices presented by other partners and exchange of experience, the company has decided to develop new ways of improving their products and services. Now, their goal is Cyprus.

Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean with the population of 1,2 million people. Cyprus is the 108th largest economy in the world with a GDP of 25 billion euros. Total imports of goods amounted to around 632 million euros in 2020. Total exports of goods amounted to around 300 million euros in the same period.

Mr Przemysław Pokorny, Chairman of the Polish-Cyprus Trade Chamber, explained the conditions and ways of functioning on the Cyprus market. Some practical advice followed on cultural background, legal basis and how to cooperate with Cyprus companies. The conference call ended with the prospect of further cooperation and finding new contacts to RES companies operating in Cyprus.

The project Policies for Renewable Energy Sources in industry (RESINDUSTRY) is being implemented by the Division for Economic Promotion of the Region in the Department of Investments and Development of the Office of the Marshal of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship under the Interreg Europe Programme, measure 3.1 Improving low-emission economy policies. It is about the use of renewable energy sources in industry and its aim is to develop good practices towards increasing energy independence of the EU industry sector through a greater share of RES. The project long-term goal is to increase the industry competitiveness by lowering energy bills.

Author: Tomasz Gałucha, Chief Specialist

Office of the Marshal of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship (MOSR), Poland