On the 26th of November took place in FUNDECYT-PCTEX (Badajoz), our first face to face “Policy breakfast” who gathered stakeholders from the quadruple helix.

It was a successful event, where the private sector clarified its concerns regarding CO2 emissions problems.

The event started with a private consultancy “Innogestiona Ambiental” introducing the current scene of emission within Extremadura’s agroindustry, and how it has been developed in the past years.

To clarify the private sector concerns, José Luis Morera from the environment protection department, explained the future aims settled by Europe regarding emissions, and how can agri-food industry achieve them.

One of the main problems identified by stakeholders was the lack of information about introducing renewables within the industry and identifying which could be the most suitable option for each type of industry.

To clarify those points, José Miguel Sánchez (Eficae soluciones) and Francisco Cuadros (Metanogenia), PV and biogas experts respectively, advised about the pros and cons of each kind of renewable energy.

The event finished with a brainstorm by the hand of stakeholders about the next steps to be followed by the industry regarding emissions.