Rural Growth project was presented at the Comacchio Birdwatching Fair

The project had the possibility for important international encounters in the context of the international trade which not only made it possible to make the project and the partner territories known to visitors but also enabled  interaction with stakeholders and local businesses about the possible solutions for rural development, based on the concepts of innovation, tourism, green economy, also by comparing the local development strategies of other project partners.




The highlight of the event was the participation of the world birdwatching champion Arjan Dwarshuis, who spoke about his experience, with valuable insights and advices for local operators interested in the development of the birdwatching product in the territory of the Emilia-Romagna Delta, one of the key products for the development of the tourism offer of the territory.

The 9th International Birdwatching and Nature Tourism Fair, was held in Comacchio from Saturday 28th April to Tuesday 1st May, DELTA 2000, as a project partner, organized Rural Growth special event within the framework of the fair.

The special event served as a meeting and exchange point to show to businesses, stakeholders, citizens - and in general to all visitors - the Rural Growth project and the activities that are being carried out. In fact, every day from April 28th to May 1st , from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm, the participants could meet DELTA 2000 in the appropriate corner set up where, besides the project materials, the slide shows of the strategies adopted by the other partners were available.

Stakeholders were also directly involved through the Institutional Discussion meeting and the local stakeholders meeting. These were two important moments that involved institutional subjects and local operators that allowed us to better finalize the action plan for the development of the Po Delta.

The audience of the fair reached 20,000  registered visitors out of which many stakeholders and citizens were able to discover the Rural Growth projectThe interest shown by the national media was also significant with the presence of the RAI 1, RAI 3 and Canale 5 television networks in the exhibition halls.