The first step was to do a thorough evaluation where pros and cons where compared. Careful calculations were made, and the result was clear that the positive aspects exceeded the negatives.

The grants stated are available for the local grocery stores in the rural areas that provides home delivery to the households in in the proximity of the store

The policy change that has been accomplished: The amount of the grant has been increased. And to be qualified as a recipient of this grant, the business must be located within a certain distance from the city. This area has now been extended.


Relevance to the project

During the development of Service Points, we have got a lot of inspiration from our partner meetings and the study visits, especially from the study visit in Teruel, Spain. There we had the possibility to see a similar set up that has been developed during many years and proven very successful.

It showed the importance of having a social hub in the villages as well as other services and groceries and the difference it makes to keep the rural areas alive.

Nature of the action

The Service Point is functioning as a hub in the area where the local community can do their errands, meet for a cup of coffee, use the public computer, take part in activities and get general information.

The main aim is to expand the service level and collect several services in one location. The Service Point is mainly located in the local shop. The Municipality is appointing the Service point to do several services on behalf of the Municipality for a recompense.

Stakeholders involved

- ALLIS — The rural development group for the Municipality of Séderhamn

- The rural community groups in the villages: They are helping the business owners in various ways, especially to give very valuable information. Also, to use the Service Point for arranging various activities.

- Business owners for rural shops: It needs to be a collaboration between the Municipality and the local business owner.


Ongoing until 2022.


The estimated costs for carrying out action 1 are SEK 300 000 (Euro 30 000) per year.

Funding sources

Funding is granted and calculated in our Municipalities yearly budget.

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