BlockStart 2nd Open Call for SME adopters of blockchain technology – a new piloting opportunity 

BlockStart’s Partnership Program is presented as a new and unique opportunity for all those innovative SMEs operating in fintech, ICT and retail that want to scale up in the current market and adapt their industry to new technologies.

If you are an innovative SME and wish to have the chance to implement DLT / blockchain pilot solutions with BlockStart’s top 10 start-ups and receive up to € 3.000 equity-free funding, you can apply to BlockStart’s Partnership Program before the 11th of March.

BlockStart is a pan-European DLT / blockchain partnership program run by a team of 3 partners: Bright Pixel, CIVITTA and F6S. Through this program of mutually beneficial partnerships between end-user SMEs and potential DLT / blockchain specialists, SMEs will be able to adopt blockchain solutions that can help grow their businesses and acquire knowledge about the benefits of these technologies.

BlockStart’s Partnership Program and SCALE UP have a common purpose: the use of effective instruments to support innovation and competitiveness of the SMEs.

From SCALE UP’s point of view, contributing to European competitiveness and accelerating regional economic growth can be done through the improvement of policy instruments linked to business growth and robustness. This includes specific measures and tools to support the capacity of SMEs to engage in growth in regional, national and international markets.

Blockchain technology is the solution for businesses to avoid costly and complex system of transactions, human error or fraud, inefficiency and frequent delays and losses. It is the tool to tackle the challenges arising from digitalization and innovation and can provide significant benefits to the SMEs.

For these reasons, SCALE UP invites innovative SMEs to form part of this new piloting opportunity.

The top 10 startups that have participated in this program are:

Stonize, Sixphere, Sensefinity, MyLime, IsLucid, Motoblockchain, LoanXChain, Knowtary, Ibisa and ComeTogether.

Specifically, Stonize is a digital issuance platform for making securitisation of transactions simple. On the other hand, Sixphere helps users to digitize their industrial processes. For a full list of the best start-ups, click here.

Any European or H2020 Associated Country SME working in the fields of fintech, ICT and retail is eligible as a participant and should fill in the online application form at the F6S platform.

Deadline for application is March 11th at 5 pm CET (Brussels Time).

For more information regarding BlockStart, please click here.