On the 09th of June 2021, South Muntenia Regional Development Agency (SMRDA) hosted an Interregional Workshop and virtual study visits as part of Interreg Europe project – SHREC SHifting towards Renewable Energy for Transition to Low Carbon Energy.

The Workshop was organized aiming to enhance the partners’ and stakeholders' knowledge on the specific challenges for global clean renewable energy trends and on Romanian national policies in the field of renewable energy sources, research projects on renewable energy and climate change mitigation. Project partners along with representatives from regional authorities, innovation centers, academia, industry and other stakeholders were present.

Mrs. Daniela Traian, Director Development and Communication Directorate, South Muntenia Regional Development Agency and Mrs. Rima Dijkstra, Project Leader, Hanze University of Applied Sciences opened the seminar discussing the main topics on the event agenda and introducing SHREC project to the participants.

The event was structured in different sections: overview of the main energy figures in South Muntenia Region and renewable energy production and energy efficiency as one of the main topics for programs funded by the Environment Fund Administration, policy instrument addressed through SHREC project, best practice videos aiming to support transition to low carbon economy in terms of Near Zero Energy Buildings (Building Knowledge HUB - pRO-nZEB cluster), clean energy from local biomass sources (Green Energy Biomass Cluster), photovoltaic solar systems and research projects in the field of renewable energy sources developed within National Research and Development Institute for Electrical Engineering.

Another session was dedicated to research and innovation projects in area of renewable energy: Biogas research and appropriate solutions for improving knowledge transfer to the developers - National Institute for R&D in Electrical Engineering ICPE-CA , Research Evolution for improving the infrastructure in renewable energy/ resources area into energies with practical use – ICPE SA and INMA's R-D results in the field of renewable energy (National Institute of Research - Development for Machines and Installations designed to Agriculture and Food Industry).

Further on, the event focused on creating synergies with other projects in the area of renewable energy, namely the nZEB Roadshow project - increasing demand for skilled building professionals, funded by Horizon 2020 and DanuP-2-Gas project: Innovative model to drive energy security and diversity in the Danube Region via combination of bioenergy with surplus renewable energy, funded by Danube Transnational Programme.

The last part of the workshop continued in an interactive way with three parallel working groups. The participants were actively involved in the breakout rooms, sharing knowledge on subjects such as financial instruments using the ERDF, research projects and their results translated into market and near zero energy buildings. The event ended discussing in the plenary the conclusions from the working groups but also highlighting the main topics presented during the day.