Our project is organising the online conference “Challenges and solutions to cope with ageing in rural Europe: the role of the Silver Economy” on April 21, 2021, from 10:00 to 12:15 (CET).


Why joining the event?

By 2070, 30% of Europe’s population will be aged 65 and over, which is 10% more than today. Rural and mountainous areas are particularly affected by this demographic change and need to develop living environments that meet the needs of older people.

What are the impacts of ageing in rural and mountain areas? How can the Silver Economy help addressing the needs of rural older adults? SILVER SMEs’ mid-term conference will discuss demographic changes in rural territories and showcase inspiring initiatives collected from all over Europe.

At a time when the European Commission is investigating the challenges of ageing and when a new programming period is starting, SILVER SMEs’ event will also explore how European and regional policies can cope with the challenges of ageing in rural regions. In particular, the conference will look at how EU initiatives can help to build more dynamic rural communities and boost economic sectors that improve the quality of life in these areas. By providing examples of policy actions that support business creation, the event will also explore how regional policies can further contribute to the development of the Silver Economy and the well-being of their ageing population.

Our conference will give the floor to high level speakers, such as Dubravka Šuica, European Commission’s Vice-President and EU Commissioner for Democracy and Demography and a Member of the European Parliament Isabel García Muñoz. We will also hear from regional policymakers like Manuel Rando López, President of the Provincial Government of Teruel or Grégory Tempremant, member of Hauts-de-France Regional Council in charge of the Silver Economy and student life.

More information on the event

The conference is aimed in particular at:

  • European actors in the field of rural development
  • Regional actors involved in rural development, innovation and competitiveness of SMEs
  • Rural SMEs wishing to develop their offer for older adults.

The event will be held on Zoom with interpretation in English, French and Spanish.

The provisional agenda and registration form are available here.