Last day of the 2nd interregional seminar in Seville was focused on the UE Financial tools.

The day begun with the presentation of Mr. Javer Ordonez Munos of Agenex – Extremadura Energy Agency. Munos works on Finerpol project which objective is to stimulate the use of different kind of financial resources and funds  aiming at the progressive increasement of the grade of buildings renewal.

Later on, during the seminar the Energy Agency of Rhineland-Palatinate through its representatives,  has deepened the issue of the potentials and the difficulties of using ERDF funds in Germany.
The Agency was represented by Mr. Werner Robrecht, advisor for the Ministry of Environment, Energy, Food and Forestry Rhineland-Palatinate and Mr. Matthias Klein, Deputy Head of the Department of High Performance Computing at Fraunhofer Institute, and also Mathias Reinhart who is project manager of the Public utility company Speyer.

Here are the pictures of the speeches

In the second part of the day, focus groups, coordinated by CAI and Agenex – Extremadura Energy Agency pointed out the importance of using financial tools to support energy efficiency in public and private sectors.

Here you can find pictures

Regarding the report of the conclusions of all focus groups helded in this three days workshop, it might take a few of days.
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