ASEV (P1) along with Regional Government of Tuscany (P8)  will be holding a relevant Regional Stakeholder Group in Piombino, Italy, on 2nd of March 2018.

The event, entitled “Innovative technologies of environmental remediation in the context of the industrial and environmental retraining of Piombino”, will be broadly focused on grounds remediation and will be attended by relevant regional stakehoders coming from the main public authorities, research centres and companies.

In the first session, starting from a careful analysis of the legislation in force, and from the presentation of the French experience (Grand’Est Region - P4) on the recovery of grounds affected by steel pollution, various solutions of environmental remediation will be introduced to the local case.

In the second session, a debate will be open to the participants to share problems and solutions to be applied to the context of Piombino, to promote the integration of sustainable technologies in the sector of the reclamation and to put forward proposal to develop in the context of the Tuscany regional Smart Specialisation Strategy and of the politics of circular economy and 4.0 industry.