The meeting will be dedicated to discuss promising measures and municipal measure packages to reduce CO2 emissions caused by mobility. 

The state of play of cities' measure packages is discussed: types of measures to be included, links to existing programmes, CO2 emission targets and the time horizon.

Also, preparations are made to be able to predict the change of mobility as a result of the measure packages. Traffic models will likely be used to predict these changes, so the measure packages must be translated into model inputs.

As the meeting is on-line, a site visit is not possible. However, interesting presentations will be given on local and regional initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions by mobility:

'Sustainable mobility measures in Friederichshain-Kreuzberg', by Felix Weisbrich (Municipality of Friederichshain-Kreutzberg)

'Study CO2 reduction measures in Berlin', by Fritz Reusswig (PIK) 

Also a seminar presentation is given:

'Public transport networks and services in European cities, and their performances/characteristics' by Niels van Oort (Delft University of Technology)