During the meeting, the 2050 CliMobCity partner cities will present and discuss their elaborated measure packages. Also, they will indicate how these measures will be translated in concrete traffic model inputs. These models will be used to estimate mobility effects, and these mobility effects will be the main input for the CO2 calculation model. 

Further discussion will take place on necessary, additional, data that is needed to perform CO2 effect calculations and/or to be able to give a good interpretation of the results.

 The meeting is on-line, therefore site-visits are not possible.

However, two interesting presentations were given on local initiatives that aim to help to reduce CO2 emissions by transport:

'Plymouth Boat Trips', on the electrification of tourist boats in Plymouth, by Andy Hurley (Plymouth Boat Trips)

'PlyMotion Initiative', on a personal coaching approach to help people to chose optimal mobility options, by Rosemary Starr (Plymouth City Council)