The 2050 CliMobCity partners Bydgoszcz, Plymouth, Thessaloniki and Leipzig developed Action Plans to influence regional policy instruments so to contribute to the CO2-eq reduction of mobility.

The Action Plans are city-specific, because the local circumstances, the future developments as well as the aims and ambitions regarding CO2-eq emission reduction differ.

 The defined Actions are to be completed in the second phase of the project, so essentially in only one year. This means that the Actions are actually first steps in a potentially much more ambitious approach aimed at reducing CO2-eq emissions caused by mobility.

The Actions vary in type: some focus on contributing to local (sustainable) mobility plans or climate action plans. Others to engage in deeper analysis of potential measures. Some Actions take steps towards implementation of concrete measures such as mobility hubs of car charging networks.

 The Actions are based on the 2050CliMobCity project findings, for instance the interregional learning on potential measures, the (model-) forecasted mobility effects of measures and -packages, or were inspired by seminar presentations.