Project News

2LIFES is approaching its Final Conference!


The 2LIFES Final Dissemination Event will take place on 28th February 2023 in...

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Marche Region - implementation of the Action Plan


The Marche Region is making progress on the two pilot actions included in the...

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KDRIÜ - implementation of the Actoin Plan


The Action Plan approved some months ago has made progress in recent months.

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EMULSA - implementation of the Action Plan


The progress made in regards to the Action Plan approved some months ago is...

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ANEL - implemenation of the Action Plan


ANEL has made significant progress in regards to an Action Plan approved some...

Type: Project

Marche Region - Action Plan


Marche Region's Action Plan aimed to improve the regional Regional Waste...

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Kredsløb - Action Plan for Aarhus


This is a summary of Kredsløb's Action Plan for Aarhus

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The explanatory video has been released!


This two-minute video summarizes the project's objectives, tasks and results.

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KRWMC - Action Plan for Klaipeda


This is a summary of KRWMC's Action Plan for Klaipeda

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KDRIU - Action Plan for Central Transdanubia


This is a summary of KDRIU's Action Plan for Central Transdanubia:

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ANEL - Action Plan for Nicosia


This is a summary of ANEL's Action Plan for Nicosia

Type: Project

EMULSA - Action Plan for Gijón


The policy instrument linked to the 2LIFES project in the municipality of Gijón...

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