KDRIU's joint work resulted in the revision of the Veszprém Environmental Programme for the period 2014-2020 but also the Operational Programme for Environment and Energy Efficiency 2021-2027 (KEHOP+).

In the case of the Veszprém Environmental Programme, the revision allowed the incorporation of the results of the 2LIFES project, including re-use in the plan as one of the most effective ways to reduce waste and step up environmental education (including re-use in the environmental education programme and the environmental training of teachers). This revision will be considered for preparing the Veszprém Environmental Programme for the period 2022-2028.

In short, the Action Plan focuses on two main actions. The first one is the establishment and operation of Swap Boxes in Veszprém, following the Swapbox project developed in Aarhus and the 2LIFES study visit to this city. A Swap Box is a well-designed, covered, green-roofed exchange point that allows people living in the neighbourhood to dispose of and exchange clean, functional items that are no longer in use, free of charge.

The main reasons for implementing this action are the current low number of re-use initiatives and the absolute lack of re-use centres in the region. In the waste treatment depots in Central Transdanubian region (Hungary), which are fully owned by municipalities, re-use activities are not yet taking place. Thus, in addition to the implementation of the organisational, technical and managerial background for re-use, the planned action also had the vital objective of raising awareness.

The second action aims to develop and implement the GreenTeen Programme in primary and secondary schools. The aim is to address the teenage age group in an education system where environmental education is only a general part of the curriculum and which still relies mainly on traditional teaching methods and where teachers are not very motivated to acquire new knowledge. The importance of re-use will also be included in this educational action.

In this regard, the best practice of Ludoteche del Riuso in Italy, was a clear inspiration. Ludoteche del Riuso is an experiential learning and hands-on initiative for three different age groups, integrated into the children's education programme, which demonstrates the importance of waste reduction and ways to reduce waste, with a focus on re-use, through crafts and creative activities. All 2LIFES partners could visit this inspiring initiative during the study visit to Marche Region in March 2022.

The final Action Plan can be consulted here.