Kredsløb's Action Plan aimed to improve the policy instrument Waste Plan Aarhus 2021-2026. Towards a Circular Aarhus, which is linked to the national waste management strategy, the Danish nation-wide Action Plan for Circular economy (2020-2032) and the previous plan waste plan of Aarhus.

The major change from the previous plan to the Waste Plan Aarhus 2021-2026 is a shift in focus from recycling to re-use and a stronger focus on the circular economy. The plan contains four overarching themes: (1) Recycling Stations as Resource Centers, (2) More Re-use, (3) More Waste Sorting in Aarhus, and (4) Aarhus CO2-neutral in 2030. Each theme is linked to a specific and ambitious target: '3 x more reuse', '10 new material flows', '55% recycling' and '7,000 tons less CO2'.

Kredsløb's Action Plan focuses mainly on two actions. The first one is the creation of a REUSE Rolling Repair Van. The van has already been purchased, rebuilt and equipped with all tools and materials needed, and a plan for strengthening volunteer involvement is in progress. With this Repair Van, it will be possible to conduct repair events throughout the city, raise awareness, and involve external partners and volunteers. The idea originated partly from the Book Rescuers best practice, presented by 2LIFES' partner KDRIU (Central Transdanubia, Hungary).

The second key action is a new project to re-use building materials in Aarhus. The collection of building materials will take place at the new recycling station in Lisbjerg, inaugurated in March 2022. Based on the experiences of Lisbjerg, the aim is to spread the re-use of building materials to the six other recycling stations in Aarhus. This initiative will also involve training workers and developing step-by-step guidance regarding re-using building materials.

With this plan, Kredsløb aims to facilitate new ways for the people of Aarhus to engage in the circular economy through everyday actions. The goal is to move more resources higher up the waste hierarchy, transitioning towards a circular economy.

The complete Action Plan can be found here.