The 2LIFES Final Dissemination Event will take place on 28th February 2023 in Gijón, Spain. The event will be hosted at the Gijón Aquarium and will be streamed live on Zoom. The agenda can be found here.

The event will begin at 9AM with opening remarks from Nieves Roqueñí, Vice Councilor for the Environment of the Principado de Asturias Government, and Ana González, Gijón Major. Jasón Martínez will explain the state of play and future opportunities of the Interreg Europe programme.

The event will then move onto an overview of the 2LIFES Project to the general public attending the event. Marisa Sebastián, the 2LIFES Coordination will present the project and then Oscar Planells, from RREUSE, will zoom in on the main European Policies impacting re-use, and provide an overview of some of the most interesting and transferable good practices learnt during the cooperation

The last portion of the event will be dedicated to the discussion of some interesting policy achievements during the project. Speakers from different countries will discuss the “Reuse of building materials at the new Lisbjerg Recycling Centre in Aarhus” (Denmark), the “Reuse and Repair Centres in development in Cyprus” (Cyprus), the “New Swop Box in the city of Veszprém plus GreenTeen Programme” (Hungary), the “Reuse Centers in Marche Region increasing their competitiveness” (Italy), the “New facility for the reuse of food and food packaging” (Lithuania) and the “New public-private collaborative model of exploitation for the municipal Reuse Space in Gijon” (Spain).

The event will close with wrap-up remarks from the event coordinators and then lunch at the “Kraken” Restaurant (Aquarium), followed by study visits to Panduru (a company that transforms surplus bread from bakeries into delicious pastries, contributing to reducing food waste) and Mar de Niebla (a social action foundation located in an industrial area in Gijón aiming to support socially disadvantaged individuals).

The Partners Meeting and Monitoring of the Action Plans will take place the next day, on March 1st 2023. The event will bring together representatives from the six partner regions (Marche Region, Central Transdanubia, Gijón, Cyprus, Aarhus, and Klaipeda) to review and assess the implementation of their respective Action Plans.

The agenda for the event includes a review and assessment of the 2LIFES Final Event, a follow-up of the action plans' implementation, a Last Steering Committee to prepare for the project closure, and study visits to spaces in Gijon. The study visits include the presentation of the Reusapp space, a part of the Gijon Action Plan implementation, the construction of pallet furniture by the Riquirraque EMAÚS association, and the presentation of the Pay-As-You-Throw Pilot Project. Lastly, the event will conclude with a discussion on any existing opportunities for cooperatoin.