Five years into our programme's implementation, our first projects are closing their activities and delivering results. We are proud to present some of these results in a publication. Flip through 60 pages full of information about the programme's achievements in its pursuit of better regional policies.

Or pick a story from your country and read about the concrete changes one of our interregional cooperation projects brought in. Flip the pages, click the dots on the map and read your country's story.


And there's so much more inside:

  • Introductory words by Elisa Ferreira, the European Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms
  • A map of involvement of European regions in our programme
  • Aggregate numbers for the programme as well as each topic representing the project partners' involvement, their capacity building and the policy changes they achieved
  • Two stories about policy learning
  • Interview with Erwin Siweris, the Interreg Europe Programme Director
  • A full list of projects supported by the programme with links to their websites
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Relive our 30 stories event

On 10 December, we met online to celebrate the publication results and to present the projects who won the public's vote.

We tabulated all your votes and the winners are: 

Watch the recording from the online event to meet those behind your favourite policy changes.


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More results

See our programme's project results page or visit our web documentary.