The Kick-Off meeting of the 40Ready project will be held on 17-18 September 2019 in Florence in the premises of Tuscany Region.

The first 4.0-IW is the first opportunity to start learning about Industry 4.0 in each of our regions, about SME capacity to engage in it and about how we intend to work in the project. This is a content-related meeting, getting to know each other, our regions and our topic. The 4.0-IW is open to partners and to stakeholders from partner regions and the host region.

Before the event, all partners have received the Project Methodology and templates related to the work to be carried out in Semester 1. They have been provided with clear indications on preparation required from them for the meeting.

The first session will be focused on understanding the needs of SMEs, and people working in them, in terms of adaptation to I4.0. The aim is to start considering skills and digital maturity levels needed alongside technological change and how we can discover those needs. 

Within the first day of the meeting, a visit to Higher Educational Institute for Technical Training (ITS) - Energy and Environment ITS have been scheduled:  Among its many activities, the ITS has a focus on 4.0 and on training in this field. The visit will include a brief presentation of the ITS, visits to the training spaces and laboratories and meetings with both the ITS management (including participating companies) and the beneficiaries (post-diploma students participating in 2-year courses).

The second day will be focused on how the SME Needs analysis could be carried out in each region. A Steering Group Meeting will follow the second part of the day. 

Further information are made available within the meeting agenda downloadable by clicking here.