In the Silesia Voivodeship, from 12 March-15 April 2021, the process of public consultations on the draft document of the Regional Innovation Strategy took place.

The aim of the consultations was to involve the inhabitants of the region in the process of creating this strategic document. The strategy takes into account the latest recommendations of the European Commission in programming regional innovation development for 2021-2030, in particular regarding the entrepreneurial discovering process, identifying and updating smart specializations and in the field of technological development of the region.

As part of the consultations, online meetings were organized with representatives of local governments, science and business institutions, as well as experts and advisory bodies: the Silesian Innovation Council and the RIS Steering Committee.

The meetings were also attended by members of the Network of Regional Specialist Observatories, stakeholders of the 40 READY project, who actively participated in the preparation of the document.

All the experiences and good regional practices presented under the 40 Ready project were an inspiration for the provisions of the updated RIS of the Silesia Voivodeship in terms of digital transformation and support for activities in the field of Industry 4.0. The document assumes that, apart from the green economy, support for digitization is the main area of transformation that will be supported in Silesia in the next 20 years.


Below some pictures taken during the process of consultation.