The 40ready partners actively participate not only in the internal initiatives organised within the project framework but also in those set up within the policy learning platform of Interreg. An example of this is ESFA's participation in 5 webinars related to both the project themes and how to carry out activities according to the standards required by Interreg Europe.

Between September 2020 and March 2021, ESFA took part in 5 webinars:

Webinar on designing action plans - 22 September 2020 and Webinar on pilot actions - 16 February 2021: Both webinars were an opportunity to learn more about and discuss how to design the action plans. According to the partner, webinars on Action plans were very clear and informative: the programme’s expectations, context & definition, Action Plan template, as well as recommendations, were presented. It gave much support for beginning to design a draft of the Action plan.

What is workplace training and why is it relevant for regions? - 12 March 2021: It was useful to learn more about this topic from a professional with the first-hand experience in work-based learning and apprenticeships. It was also talked more about recent and ongoing European initiatives on how to develop skills and bring them to SMEs.

Workplace training: successful initiatives - 19 March 19, 2021: This webinar was about two successful graduate work placement programmes and how regions, SMEs and young graduates have benefited from them. Both programmes have been ongoing for nearly 20 years, last up to 18 months per participant, and have yielded clear benefits for all parties involved, with high talent attraction and retention rates.

How to bring skills to companies? - 26 March 2021: The webinar was about workplace training and how it can help regions retain young talent and increase SME competitiveness. A close look was taken at the policy changes driven by university-SME collaboration in the Netherlands and Hungary. Innovative ways to attract and retain young talent in regions were presented.