Our partner Public Service of Wallonia had the opportunity to participate in the EntreComp for Digital Hackathon held last 15-16 June in online mode. The event is part of an initiative funded by the European Commission and the European Innovation and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) to realise synergies in the implementation of EntreComp, in particular by linking entrepreneurial learning to support the green and digital transition. The meeting covered topics such as:

  • The framing of competencies and their improvement
  • The challenges of the green transition and the use of entrepreneurial and digital skills within it.
  • Building a sustainable community in relation to future challenges through digital and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Identifying priorities by creating the right synergy between digital and entrepreneurial skills.

Public Service of Wallonia brought to light the project themes and especially the actions they want to put in place through their Action Plan. In particular, the second action which is related to the lack of consideration of the human aspect in the digital transformation plan and the need to erase the dichotomy between human/transversal skills and digital skills in order to be successful in a transformation plan.)