In order to endorse Phase I of the project, an eighth Stakeholder Committee was held virtually in Wallonia on 1 July.

The members of the Walloon Stakeholders Group met to discuss the different achievements and actions implemented during this sixth semester of the project.

They exchanged the positive feedback and results of the organisation in Wallonia of the third Interregional Workshop at the end of March. This Workshop was an opportunity to welcome the delegations of the European partners in Wallonia and propose a rich programme of visits specifically designed to combine training organisations and concrete achievements of companies involved in 4.0 while emphasising the "human-technology" alliance.

The Committee also validated the programming elements of the actions presented following the approval of the Regional Action Plan by the Joint Secretariat of the Interreg Europe Programme.

For Wallonia, the Action Plan provides for 2 main actions, namely:

  1. Action 1: Boost the eco-system around the "4.0 Demonstrators" and open them to a maximum of users in the territory
  2. Action 2: Improve the use of business vouchers and promote awareness and training of consultants on the integration of the human dimension in digital transformation plans

Several Walloon Stakeholders will be directly involved in preparing and implementing the current actions of Phase II.

The members of the Committee also shared information on their participation in Interregional Workshop in Navarre. During this workshop, Jessica Miclotte and Eddy Dubois, representing AdN and TechnoCampus respectively, had the opportunity to visit the "Industry 4.0" oriented facilities (company, training centre, IHL) and were able to compare the choices made in the training plans / digital transformations by the Navarran actors with the Walloon situation.

This eighth meeting of the Committee also made it possible to highlight the participative work of disseminating the communication elements with the support of the stakeholders, as well as the opening of the project to other spheres with the presentation of the project and the focus on its action 2 during the Hackaton "EntreComp for Digital".

The Members closed the meeting by analysing the events and actions in the calendar until the end of July 2023.

The next Committee should be scheduled for the autumn of 2022.