We are pleased to announce the second virtual phase 2 monitoring meeting, to be held on 14 February 2023. The first one took place on 4th November 2022 (click here to read the news).

The second virtual monitoring meeting will keep on giving project partners the opportunity to review progress to date and discuss any problems or challenges that may arise. Participants will have the chance to ask questions, provide feedback and exchange ideas, which will help to ensure that the project remains on track for success.

Each region is invited to present the activities it has implemented at the regional level, including action plans and progress toward completing these plans up to October 2022. This will provide a comprehensive overview of the project's progress and help identify possible areas for improvement.

The meeting is also a key step in the preparation of the project's final event, scheduled for 9 May 2023 in Florence, Italy.

In addition to updates on project progress, partners will be informed about the finalization of the final project video. This video will serve as a showcase for the results and impact of the project, and we invite all partners to contribute. The video will provide a visual representation of the project's successes and help build momentum and support as we approach the final event in Florence.