Project partner Public Service of Wallonia, took part in a webinar on regional lifelong learning policies last March 29 as part of the Erasmus+ Comorelp project.

The event brought together different experiences of regional partnerships supporting upskilling and reskilling. The overall goal was to explore and compare regional practices in support of lifelong learning. 

The idea was also to explore the question of "how can regions achieve the meeting of new business needs and the needs of people (students, job seekers, workers...) in a holistic approach?"

In this regard, the Walloon experience in the 4.0Ready project was presented emphasizing the role and importance of the partnership itself. A Partnership has to be considered as a tool bringing together collective ideas and interests to promote new solutions and improve public policies.

A partnership is not created for the sole purpose of helping to report what is present in one's regional context and compare it with other players involved. The role of the partnership must also be intended at identifying future paths and issues of common interest. In conclusion, as indeed was the case within the 40Raedy project, the collaboration among partners led to the development of new approaches that came out of the comparison of what already existed at the regional level.