The 40Ready was presented on the 9th of December 2019, at the Palace of Parliament, International Conference Center, in Bucharest, within STARTUP NEXT, an event dedicated to the beneficiaries and Start-Ups financed through aid schemes under the Operational Program Human Capital. The event was organized by the Ministry of European Funds and the World Bank, under the umbrella of the project entitled "Support for the Implementation of the Operational Program Human Capital (POCU) 2014-2020".

The STARTUP NEXT event brought together POCU funded Start-ups with relevant stakeholders, such as the Minister of European Funds - Ioan Marcel Boloș, Romanian Vice-Prime Minister - Raluca Turcan, representatives of the Managing Authority for POCU, the Ministry of Economy and Business, the Ministry of Education and Research, as well as representatives of the private sector such as Impact Hub, Techangels, Startarium, Innovation Labs etc. and brought into discussion:

  1. Best practices on accessing EU funds to finance jobs;
  2. Debates on the challenges for setting up and supporting POCU funded Start-ups;
  3. Raising awareness about the opportunities available to ensure the sustainability of POCU funded Start-ups.

The 40Ready project was presented by Dragoș Iorga - Executive Director of OIR POSDRU, Bucharest-Ilfov region. He underlined the importance of preparing SMEs, the backbone of our economy, for the industry 4.0 (I4.0) revolution as well as preparing entrepreneurs, managers, employees of the SME to become ready to take on the new challenges of I4.0 and improve the public policy instruments that support SMEs in this technological, cultural and organizational transformation. 

Throughout the event, OIR POSDRU Bucharest Ilfov had a presentation stand of the project, where the SMEs representatives received more information about 40Ready and were invited to get involved by completing a questionnaire regarding to the needs of SMEs in terms of adaptation to I4.0.

Here below some pictures taken during the event: