Navarra's regional stakeholder meeting was held with the participation of twelve representatives from different organizations such as regional clusters, government departments related to training, local development agencies, college of engineers and technical engineers, chamber of commerce, business associations and IT companies. Those who could not attend the meeting were contacted via email with a questionnaire in which they were asked the questions addressed at the meeting.

First of all the 4.0Ready project was presented to assistants. The meeting was structured in a first round of presentations where each participant described the actions related to Industry 4.0 carried out by their respective organizations. Then 4 specific points were discussed:

  • Identification of the needs of SMEs in their process of adaptation to Industry 4.0
  • Identification of the necessary skills of the people in the company and the training actions required
  • Barriers and challenges
  • Services and support actions required

The debate and participation of attendees allowed to collect information about activities carried out so far by the entities acting as stakeholder in the project. This lead to identifying an initial and general picture of the situation in Navarra: in conclusion, it seems that up to now, every actor involved in the project took action related to Industry 4.0 with different approaches. On the basis of these prior experiences, the challenge of the project should be to take the promotion of I4.0 further and in a more coordinated way.

Here below pictures taken while the meeting occurred: