Across European cities, local stakeholders are joining forces in new ways, forming collectives to stimulate business growth and innovation and to create a more attractive business environment.

Area Based Collaborative Entrepreneurship (ABCE) means local stakeholders collaborating and taking action to make their places better. This can include co-investing in facilities or technology, marketing their urban district collectively, improving shared public space, etc. The value of such collectives is increasingly recognized by local government, and policy measures to stimulate these initiatives are being developed. As we move through and beyond Covid 19, the value of this practice has become increasingly important, with local people now at the heart of how places can recover and thrive in a post-pandemic World.  

By capturing local learnings systematically, identifying critical success conditions and sharing them both locally and with project partners across regions in Europe, the ABCitiEs project sought to further embed partnership working and collaboration in local policy, whilst developing and sharing best practice approaches to its implementation. 

Five European urban regions are involved in this project: Amsterdam, Athens, Manchester, Vilnius, and the conurbation Varazdin-Cakovic (Croatia). All regions have examples of good and bad practice when it comes to local stakeholder collaboration, and initiated this project to share experiences and gain deeper insights in order to develop more effective policy instruments. 

This event marks the conclusion of the project, and provides an opportunity for partners to highlight the progress that has been made over the last three years.

Please join us virtually on 23rd February 2022 to find out more. The event will commence at 11am (GMT), and will run until 3.30pm (GMT). An indicative agenda is attached, please note that this is subject to change.

If you are interested in attending, please register at


  The ABCitiEs project team.