2021-2027 Programme

During the 2021-2027 programming period, we will continue to support interregional cooperation among regions from all across Europe.

Get ready for the first call for project proposals

A draft version of the new programme manual, terms of reference of the first call, and the application form template are published for your convenience below. The call will open on 5 April and close on 31 May 2022 at noon.

Keep an eye on our website to benefit from all the project assistance we will offer for this call.

  • You can send us a specific question on the draft documents in the first call application pack (see link above), and we will get back to you with an answer
  • Use our online community to search for project partners already now
  • Soon you will be able to publish your project idea on our new website and ask for our feedback on it
  • In early March, we will publish dates of Q&A online sessions to clarify any aspect of project development or the terms of reference
  • At the end of April, we will run a series of webinars on project development

Our programming process

To steer the overall process, take formal decisions on the content of the future programme and select our thematic priorities, we have set up a programming committee. The committee is made of delegates from 29 Partner States who take the decisions. An observer from the European Commission as well as the programme's managing authority and joint secretariat take part, but without any decision-making powers. We’ve also hired external experts to help us draft the new programme.