Digital health and care solutions have had a year of rapid scale up and development. Taking time to reflect and learn about how digital solutions in Scotland and internationally have grown and been adopted is the focus of this year’s ‘DigiFest’. Understanding the challenges and the opportunities experienced is an important part of knowledge exchange and how we improve our digital health and care ecosystem.
2020 has been a challenging year for everyone and for staff working to innovate and deliver person-centered services. Digital tools, services and approaches have had a higher profile than ever before and are recognised as making a key contribution to delivering health and care services going forward.
For the first time, this event will be delivered as a virtual programme, taking place from the 1st – 11th December 2020.  ‘DigiFest2020’ explores the latest developments, issues and achievements for all those working to deliver digitally enabled health, housing and social care services.
'DigiFest2020' will be an opportunity to reflect on our experiences and explore key developments with contributions from Scotland, the wider UK and international colleagues.

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