On November 24, 2020, The University of Tübingen held a regional stakeholder meeting and invited their twinning partner, the region of North Denmark to attend. The purpose of the exchange was to aid in good practice selection for mutual learning and potential transfer. 

After a brief introduction of the stakeholders of Baden-Württemberg, on what is meant by open innovation and its relevance to the ACSELL project, the region of North Denmark presented the strengths of their region, which included interesting facts such as their health care is funded by the tax system, hospitals are owned by the regions, and they have an organization which helps to connect industry stakeholders with the hospitals. 

After a Q&A session from the Baden Württemberg stakeholders, the session moved to a discussion around the problems in health care and open innovation in Germany and what the top priorities are that can be improved on by working with, and learning from, the good practices of the region of North Denmark. 

In January, a similar meeting will take place in which the region of North Denmark will host their regional stakeholder meeting during which the University of Tübingen will introduce themselves and the region of Baden Württemberg to aid in good practice selection for exchange.