The first Scottish Regional Stakeholder meeting took place in Edinburgh on 19 February 2020. The meeting was Chaired by Donna Henderson, Head of International Engagement, Scottish Government TEC and Digital Healthcare Innovation Directorate. In Scotland, we will focus our ACSELL activities on the digital health and care innovation ecosystem.

The Scottish Regional Stakeholders participating in the first meeting represented policy, innovation centres, digital health and care SMEs, third sector organisations and living lab practitioners.

The Scottish Regional Stakeholders include representatives from:
•    Digital Health and Care Institute
•    The DataLab
•    TEC and Digital Healthcare Innovation Division, Scottish Government
•    Edinburgh Living Lab
•    EIT Digital Scotland
•    The Alliance (representative body of third sector)
•    NHS National Services Scotland
•    Scottish Health Technology Group, Health Improvement Scotland
•    Scottish Development International
•    StormID (Scottish SME)
•    MyDex (Scottish SME)

After discussing the opportunity that the ACSELL project presents for Scotland, the group went on to consider its respective understanding of the Living Lab approach, using European Network of Living Labs’s (ENOLL) description as a starting point.  The Group discussed this way of working, which recognises innovation as a multi-disciplinary effort, where research and innovation and SMEs, citizens and policy makers are all involved.

The Group acknowledged that the terminology associated with Living Lab methodology needs to be clear as we progress the activities of the project.
Connections were made to work in Scotland which has been delivered using a co-created, user-centred model. The Scottish Digital First design model and the Scottish Approach to Service Design, which represents many of these elements very well, was discussed.

Stakeholders also spoke of their own experiences of the Living Lab approach and examples which they were aware of from Denmark, the Netherlands and Spain.

The value of the knowledge exchange opportunities which the ACSELL project may offer were also considered and the timeline for the project semesters was described.
The Group agreed next steps, which will focus on conducting a regional landscape survey of the state of play with innovation in digital health and care in Scotland using the Online Self-Assessment Tool (OSAT).  This will include both the refinement and the completion of the Tool.  This work will be kicked off with a webinar on 20 March 2020 to brief stakeholders on the  OSAT tool and landscape survey process, and will be followed up with an in-person Consensus workshop on 7th May 2020.

More informations about Scotland and their part in the project: