On the basis of a Regional Strategy for Podkarpackie Region 2014-2020 were identified the following issues that could be improved under the policy instruments we have adressed:

awareness of how important are innovative solutions in the frame of RIS sectors, how Unmanned Aerial Systems are important in many areas of life, needs in increasing the level of cooperation between relevant stakeholders such as regional development agencies, regional and local authorities, enterprises, R&D centers, clusters, universities and technology and business incubators- manifested so far by a small number of joint projects of innovative knowledge, know-how, skills, technical knowledge, procedures, methods in the field of UAS.

On this basis RRDA dedicated the first action to the policy instrument -Operational Programme of Podkarpackie 2014-2020 and the second action to - Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020. Both of the Policy Instruments influence each other and share the same strategic goals for the innovations- including UAS sector development. Our Action Plan consists of the two actions- 2 new project submitted- One to increase of the company's competitiveness by implementing a new product used in the construction of drones and the second – Introducing key technological solutions aimed at developing the coordinator's potential of the National Key Clusters, thanks to the expansion of its offer with new services provided to members cluster. The lesson learned and specific best practices which were the inspiration of our action plan is the areal uptake project partner institution I2CAT and their mission- oriented research centre for advanced Internet technologies that produces technologies and solutions with the aim of making the region a leading global smart region in a Smart Europe, with a flourishing added-value to economy and an innovative society by implemented projects based on the cooperation with other partners and institutions. The actions – projects are under the implementations by dedicated institutions which were the main beneficiaries.