Project News

Small Scale Renewable Electricity projects


A recording of the webinar organised by IT Sligo is now available on Youtube.

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Identifying and sharing good practices


AgroRES has collected and searched for good practices on renewable energy...

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Solutions to produce clean energy from biomass


AgroRES project's stakeholder, Wieser Consult, offers solutions to obtain energy...

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Energy Independent Farm


Cornish company demonstrating ways to realise an energy independent farm

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AgroRES stakeholders met virtually in North Karelia


Regional stakeholders of North Karelia met for the 2nd time on 4th June 2020.

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Boosting renewable energy adoption on farms


The preconditions for RE production on farms are favourable. Still, there is a...

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E.ON gives hope for Romanian households


The “Give light” campaign helped Romanian households facing hardships by...

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AgroRES met online to discuss project activities


AgroREs partners held an online Steering Committee meeting to discuss the...

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Bucharest – Ilfov Regional Development Agency


ADRBI provides services for the socio-economic development of Bucharest – Ilfov...

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Grants to reduce use of electricity in irrigation


Irrigation communities in Spain soon to access energy efficiency grants to...

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Northern & Western Regional Assembly


NWRA is a regional authority that co-ordinates, promotes and supports strategic...

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Devon County Council


Devon County Council is a local authority of mainly rural area with high levels...

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