AGENEX presented advancements of the AgroRES project, including the first ideas for an action plan, to its stakeholders in a webinar by PROMOBIOMASSE project. The meeting was organised as an online meeting last 1st July 2021 and it was attended by over 30 attendees.

The webinar focused mainly on the possibility of boosting forest biomass energy market by presenting initiatives to reduce a risk of forest fires and generation of employment in rural areas. In this context, AGENEX presented ideas on how to develop the AgroRES action plan including advancement of the renewable energies and how to create new community energies in rural areas. Developing a structural or a road map to create community energy with forest biomass or photovoltaic technology is one idea for the action plan by AGENEX.

AGENEX also told in the meeting that they are in the process of learning more about the AgroRES good practice, Community-owned Energy, and how to implement this good practice in Extremadura. In the context of community energies, AGENEX regards this kind of community as very interesting practice to Extremadura.

AGENEX also described in the meeting that AgroRES project partners are involved in the Cross-Cut Visits activity. If the situation allows it, technical visits will be soon launched in order to improve interregional transmission and learning that add extra value to AgroRES partner regions.

Thanks to this meeting, stakeholders from Extremadura had a chance to know more about the progress of AgroRES project and what are the first steps for the development of the action plan of their region.

Image by Javier Roca de Togores Ginestara from Pixabay.