Agricultural and agro-industrial industries are key sectors in the Extremadura economy. In 2019, they contributed to the regional economy with 11.7% of the Gross Added Value and 13.3% of the occupation of employed workers. These indexes are much higher than the national average, indicating a high degree of specialization in both sectors.

The purpose of the Regional Self-Assessment Report is to seek the feasibility of implementing different types of renewable energy in the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors in the different environments of Extremadura.

The results show that Extremadura is a region especially rich in natural resources with the possibility of exploiting them both for their classic uses: food, agricultural and industrial production, etc.; and for the production and storage of energy from renewable sources. The renewable installed power and production capacity make the region an energy exporter, thus demonstrating the technical-economic viability of these technical solutions. The adoption of energy efficiency solutions in the production processes of agribusiness in Extremadura will make it possible to enhance competitiveness.

The environmental, energy and economic impact in the sector is evident after the review of renewable energy Good Practices, either through exclusively private capital or with public participation. The results in operating certify the viability, with consumption reduction rates and increased efficiency that guarantee it.

It is concluded that there is an enormous potential for improvement in the efficiency of the productive processes of Extremadura's agribusinesses through investment in renewable energy generation facilities.

If you want to know more about the potential of this region, read the Regional Self-Assessment Report from Extremadura.

Photo: Javier González Mora.