The exchange of experiences is the key factor in the learning process of AgroRES. This intense work of identifying and sharing best practices through permanent cooperation will project objectives and produce the intended outputs and results. These exchanges among partners are an interregional learning process. Due to the Covid pandemic, some activities such as cross-cut visits were delayed until the situation improved. In this framework, the first round of Cross-Cut visits took place in Sligo (Ireland) on October 26th and 27th 2021. It was organised by Project Partner 7 – IT Sligo. The First Round of Cross Cut Visits was divided into two-stage. The first was held on Tuesday when each partner had the possibility to visit a pig & poultry farm with a Biomass heating system and a 1MW AD plant operating in Co. Roscommon. The second stage was composed of a briefing of a Community Solar Farm in development and a workshop on Action Plan where partners, stakeholders, experts, and professionals in the energy field attended.

You can learn more about cross-cut visit to Ireland in this report.