On the 11th and 12th of May 2022, Devon County Council hosted almost 30 AgroRES participants to exchange knowledge, experiences and passions surrounding renewable energy production and its uses within the agricultural sector. Attendees came from diverse backgrounds including farming, energy production, regional and national authorities, and educational institutions. The event focused on demonstrating Devon’s existing community energy projects, using resources to generate a safe and secure form of renewable energy. Devon’s rural landscapes provide the perfect setting for hydro, wind, and solar power, as well as the use of biomass for energy production. Community energy projects allow local economic gains to improve local well-being. Through increasing energy security and energy efficiency, environmental benefits are enjoyed as well as reducing fuel poverty.

European partners joined together at the Devon Interregional Event to hear about the impressive effort to increase local community energy projects within the county. Through the successful showcase of such projects the partners learnt of the relevant financing and policy instruments needed to ensure all parties involved receive economic, social, and environmental benefits. Community energy is proving to be critical in tackling the climate emergency, as it engages the community in the debate whilst providing effective projects. These actions inspired the partners to implement similar structures within their plans to move to a sustainable low-carbon agricultural system, using Devon initiatives as a model to build upon.

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