The first three years of AgroRES project have been full of interregional learning, exchange of knowledge and sharing learnings from other regions in own region. During phase 1, AgroRES partners have identified 70 good practices and published good practices guide for disseminating good practices to wider audience interested in advancing renewable energy. The partners have compiled 7 regional self-assessment documents on potential of renewable energy in their region. They have organised 5 interregional events in Spain, Ireland, Finland, the UK and Italy. These events been widely attended by project partners and their stakeholders. From all the interregional learning partners have drawn inspiration for action plans in their regions.

By the end of phase 1, each region has produced an action plan to support renewable energy in agricultural sector and rural areas in their region. These action plans will be implemented and followed during phase 2. All the action plans will be saved in AgroRES library in a folder AgroRES Actions Plans. Press releases on action plans can be found in a folder Press Releases on AgroRES Action Plans.

Phase 1 of AgroRES project ends on 31 July 2022. After phase 1 one year of phase 2 continues until 31 July 2023. Towards the end of phase 2 in 2023, final AgroRES event will be held together with partners and stakeholders.