The AgroRES action plan for North Karelia is composed of one action: improved governance of funding renewable energy projects in the field of renewable energy in agriculture and rural areas in line with the revised and updated Climate and Energy Programme and its Implementation Plan.

The milestones for the implementation of this action include launching the first call of the new ERDF programme, evaluation of project proposals, decisions of the first projects to be funded, analysis stage, and the second application round and its follow-up. In the analysis stage approved projects will be analysed in order to make recommendations for the next application round. It will be analysed and quantified how many and what kind of projects related to renewable energy in agriculture and rural areas were funded during the first application round. Recommendations will be given for the next application round. Key stakeholders are involved in analysis stage.

This action supports achieving the first goal and the third goal of the renewed Climate and Energy Programme of North Karelia by the region, namely by the managing authority Regional Council of North Karelia, until the next renewal of the programme. The first goal is “North Karelia is a vital region where population is full of well-being” and the third goal is “Energy is low-emission and is based on the region’s own energy production from local energy sources”. This action will support in reaching the first goal’s action on advancing production of decentralised and renewable energy and business opportunities related to them. In the third goal this action will advance for instance supporting decentralised energy units with hybrid energy solutions (for instance solar power, wind power, bioenergy, new energy sources), and supporting biogas investments and processing of biogas to transportation fuels. 

You can find the AgroRES action plan for North Karelia in AgroRES library in a folder AgroRES action plans. The press release can be found in Press Releases on AgroRES Action Plans.