Lubelskie voivodeship arranged the 6th local meeting on in Wola Rudzka 14 July 2022. In the meeting the experiences from AgroRES project phase one were summarised and benefits and challenges of investing in renewable energy sources for agriculture were discussed. The meeting was attended among others by the representatives of Lublin City Office, Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, University of Life Sciences in Lublin and National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

After an introduction by the staff members of the Lubelskie Voivodeship, a top representative of the local scientific force in the field of environmental engineering gave a presentation on the resonance of the project at the voivodeship and municipal level, as well as on international level including inspiring study visits. The AgroRES Action Plan of the Lubelskie Voivodeship and its relation to the voivodeship development strategy and the creation of a consultation point were recalled.

The cooperation between interested parties has led to a conclusion that the region has high potential in terms of natural and technological resources and that there is a need for further educational activities in the region. Among stimulating interest in RES in agriculture, small scale farming solutions should be taken under a great consideration in this highly rural region of Poland.

An important point on the agenda was a study visit in the "Pustelnia" fish farm with two mounted on roof photovoltaic panels, one of ten Lublin region contributions in the AgroRES Good Practice Guide. In “Pustelnia” fish farm, electricity is generated both for the needs of a restaurant and a fish market building while promoting local flavors and traditions. Photovoltaic installations with a capacity of 30 and 35 kWp reduce the maintenance costs and increase competitiveness in this good practice.

During AgroRES phase two, strengthening and monitoring regional effects of the AgroRES project are in focus. The focus will be extensively on strategic shaping of agricultural resources, supporting unity and advancing human capital in the field of renewable energy technologies.