Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Development Agency, as a member of the AgroRES partnership, has developed and implemented actions in the region, in order to increase production and usage of renewable energies in agriculture and rural areas in Bucharest Ilfov region.

The first three years of the project focused on interregional learning and exchange of experience, based on good practices identified within the partnership with high potential of transferability. Following these steps, each region developed an action plan, a document which outlines how expertise gained through interregional learning will be implemented in practice in own region in order to improve the chosen policy instrument.

The AgroRES action plan for Bucharest Ilfov region focuses on the improvement of the Regional Operational Programme Investment in Growth and Jobs 2021–2027 and is composed by one action: establishing RES regional support services for improving governance of funding projects meant to develop renewable energies in agricultural and rural sector.

Through implementing this action, it is desired to support farmers and other organizations that deal with agricultural sector, to make investment through grants financed by the policy instrument addressed for implementing their activities in a more sustainable and viable way – with green energy. As a part of these support services, Bucharest-Ilfov Regional Development Agency will establish and develop a Toolkit Guide. Its objective is to raise awareness and to promote production and use of renewables in agricultural and rural sector.