In the Final Conference of AgroRES on 19 April 2023 in Rome, organized by ARSIAL, the project partners and their stakeholders from Ireland, England, Spain, Italy, Finland, Romania and Poland presented their achievements in the 4-year project for an audience of 80 people in Palazzo Merulana. The day before, 18 April, the project partners held their final steering committee meeting to get updated on the status of phase 2 actions in the regions and on final reporting of the project.

The Final Conference started with greetings by Dott. Agr. Corrado Falcetta, President of the Order of Agronomists in Lazio region. He emphasized the importance of sustainability of the complete food production chain from farm to dining table, as an important part of protecting the world from climate change, and he gave credit for the AgroRES project in its efforts.

Interreg Europe policy officer Charo Camacho congratulated the AgroRES partners for a successful project, thanks to their resilience even when facing crises due to the current world situation.

During phase 2 of the project, the partners have been working towards the targets set in the regional action plans, developed in phase 1 of AgroRES in an interregional learning process and exchange of experiences and knowledge. The common objective of all the action plans is to promote the use of renewable energies in agriculture and rural sector in partner regions.

The lead partner AGENEX, Spain, gave an overall introduction to the AgroRES project, and all partners from the UK, Poland, Spain, Romania, Finland, Ireland, and Italy presented their efforts and achievements in the project. Stakeholders from each country and region gave presentations on their activities and services related with the AgroRES themes.

To conclude the conference, Cosme P. Segador from the lead partner AGENEX thanked Arsial for arranging the final conference. Looking back at 2019/2020 when live project meetings were cancelled due to travel restrictions, he was glad that people are finally again able to gather.

Presentations of the Final Conference are available here: Final Conference materials

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