At the beginning of the AgroRES implementation in the Bucharest Ilfov region the topic of production and use of renewable energies in the agricultural sector was almost nonexistent on the public agenda. By participating in all exchange of experience and events organized in the AgroRES project framework, BIRDA (Bucharest Ilfov Regional Development Agency) and its stakeholders got inspiration from other regions that faced same challenges and benefitted from the knowledge that was generated through the project, particularly from regions with similar Policy Instruments or administrative structures.

Bringing together relevant stakeholders

AgroRES represented a great opportunity to bring into discussion the renewable energies for agriculture in respect of financing instruments. The project also promoted a gathering of all the most important stakeholders in the field, and thus helped us to generate know-how and find solutions for the sector’s issues. More than that, by including the regional stakeholders in our regional meetings for disseminating good practices and initiatives identified in the project partnership, we were able to create more visibility to the sustainable agricultural approach, and to improve professional capacity of BIRDA team and regional participants.

We are now at the very beginning stage of implementation of the new programming period 2021–2027. Given that at least 35 % of the new CAP (The common Agricultural Policy) financial support is allocated to mitigate climate change, the implementation of our Action Plan is intended to ensure the premises for the development of production and usage of RES in agriculture, financed through EU funds.