On 22nd April, the AgroRES Steering Committee met virtually. Originally this day was reserved for the partnership's second Interregional Event to be held in North Karelia, Finland. But due to Covid-19 the event was cancelled and postponed to a later date.

Despite the change in plans, the partnership continues to work on the tasks set to them. The Steering Committee, attended by all partners, was a good opportunity to discuss the tasks ahead and reflect on the first project period.

The meeting was organised by the lead partner, AGENEX, who gave an overview of the project activities in semesters 1 and 2. In the current semester (2), the project partners will focus on collecting good practices from their regions. These practices will show how investing in renewable energy can benefit agricultural and rural areas and result in energy savings and independence as well as in socioeconomic growth and development. All partner regions are expected to collect 10 good practices around this topic. These practices will be studied in detail and evaluated by the partnership. As a result, 14 best practices are selected. After this, AgroRES will publish a good practice booklet that contains descriptions of altogether 70 good practices - 14 of them will be analysed in detail.