Regional stakeholders of North Karelia, Finland, convened for the second time on 4th June 2020. This time the meeting was held online.

The group, consisting of representatives from public, private and third sector, continued to discuss production and use of renewable energy on farms. The project partner Regional Council of North Karelia introduced 10 good practices that were selected from the region and sent for a further evaluation by other project partners. These practices were collected with the help of stakeholders and look at the topic from different perspectives. The practices include examples of on-farm RES investments, EAFRD or ERDF co-financed projects, cooperatives and funding programmes.  

Another important topic in the meeting agenda was a survey that will be launched in the region to study the possibilities of decentralised renewable energy production in agriculture. The survey examines the use of RE in agriculture in North Karelia and greenhouse gas emissions produced and captured by the sector. The aim is also to identify existing barriers and possibilities for adoption of RE technology. Based on the collected data, the survey will propose alternative targets for the use of RE in agriculture in the region by 2030. This includes concrete proposals for action. The survey will be ready in the beginning of 2021. It will provide important input for the regional action plan and also for regional Climate and Energy programme 2030 which is currently under preparation. The programme aims to ensure that the region is ecologically, economically, socially and culturally sustainable in all its activities.