On December 3, Pictanovo had its third meeting with producers of animated films from the Hauts-de-France region. Building upon the conclusions of the previous meeting, this session focused on making suggestions on how to make the current ecosystem more favorable to co-productions for animation SMEs across Europe.

The participants all agreed on the necessity of building and strengthening a European network in animation. Mapping the regional, national and European funds supporting animation, including key information on the different funding systems and co-production opportunities within Europe, would be extremely useful for the business. Europe has a role to play in activating this network through the support of exchange programs, industry events and cross-border meeting initiatives for professionals and students.

Regarding funding, the participants suggested the creation of a European tax exemption system that would help develop private investment as well as the introduction of automatic aid for European co-productions. They emphasized the strategic necessity to fund more animated short films to open young producers to co-production, and thus foster a culture of active collaborations within Europe. They also pointed out the importance of European collaborations on animated series, defining the ideal co-producing partners as one that is able to bring talent, public money through regional or national funds and private investors (tv broadcasters).

The discussion with the producers once again brought to light valuable proposals for improvement fitting with the realities of the market. They resonate with ALICE’s objectives to bring closer together local SMEs into a strong industry network with representation in European decision-making bodies.

Cover picture: BEST BUGS_JSBC, Studio Beaux et bien habillés, (FR)