On July 1, the Puglia Region, in collaboration with Apulia Film Commission Foundation, held a special event dedicated to the ALICE project and to regional animation: the Puglia Animation Day. The initiative took place at the Apulia Film House, in Bari, and it was introduced by Antonio Parente, Director of the Apulia Film Commission. Starting with a public presentation of the Region’s concrete measures for the industry and ending with the screening of the animated film “Mani Rosse”, the event was the official launch of the Apulia Digital Center Network.

Supported by the ALICE project, the Puglia Region is actively developing a favourable ecosystem for animation through new funding programmes, new film and digital technology venues and business centres. The Apulia Digital Center Network is a good example of this proactive policy: the new business hub brings industry professionals together to promote regional skills and talent by creating synergies and lobbying EU institutions.

Within the last few years, regional investments have been very successful in promoting animation: initiatives such as the creation of the International Animated Film Festival Imaginaria, started in Puglia in 2003, helped regional animated productions to meet their audiences. Famous animated series like "Trulli Tales - The Adventures of Trullalleri" set in Apulia’s representative site Trulli of Alberobello, are indicative of the great success the region is able to produce.

Encouraged by the positive results of its initiatives, largely promoted through the ALICE project, the Puglia Region will continue to activate European collaborations while strengthening its local industry. The next step will be the implementation of the action plan defined within the framework of the project. Supported by public investments and continuous dialogue with the authorities, this ambitious plan aims to further strengthen the links between all the parties in the industry, including independent workers, animation companies and training bodies, both at regional and European levels.