For the last meeting with animation stakeholders participating in the ALICE project, Pictanovo invited Flavien Boisson, General Delegate of the regional professional association Noranim, for a presentation of ALICE’s recommendations and a discussion about a short-term regional action plan to facilitate European co-productions. Representing twenty-four organisations from the Hauts-de-France region, including production companies, creative studios, art schools and distributors, Noranim will be a key partner in the action phase which will start in September.

ALICE’s two-year study of the animation sector was undoubtedly positive for the regional stakeholders involved. Reported feedback showed they not only appreciated the debates and found the discussions useful, but also appreciated contributing their own ideas on the best ways to support growth, competitiveness and European co-productions. The regular industry rendez-vous initiated by ALICE were all the more valuable in a time when the whole sector needed support to adapt to a new reality with COVID-19. Having attended ALICE’s event at the 2021 International Animation Film Market in Annecy himself, Mr. Boisson pointed out the quality of the project’s proposals and European network.

For ALICE’s six partners, it is now time to take action. The results of the sector study helped each of them design their own action plan for the year to come. Tailored to regional realities, these plans aim to make regional animation industries shift towards more cross-border collaboration. In this context and based on stakeholder consultations, Pictanovo's short-term priority is to map the regional funds and support programmes that exist across Europe.

For the Hauts-de-France region’s audiovisual fund, the next step will be to set-up a major survey of European funds in order to deliver the most exhaustive mapping possible. Based on ALICE’s mapping methodology developed by the project Catalonia’s partners PROA and continued discussions with the partners and stakeholders, this mapping will be an invaluable resource for animation producers looking for new partnerships and funding sources. The first results will be presented at the next major ALICE event, which will take place in the summer of 2022.